“Words Can Hurt”

Words Can Hurt

She sits alone,

At an abandoned lunch table.

The long empty table

Swallows her up

Chortling laughs and

Mumbling whispers

Fill the cafeteria.

Everyone is talking,

About her.

She’s stupid,

She’s ugly,

She’s fat,

She should leave,

Nobody wants her,

Nobody would care.

Although she hears them

She keeps her head up high

Shoulders back

Chest out

Showing she’s not inferior

“Words can’t hurt me”

She says proudly

To no one in particular.

Until that day

The day she couldn’t take it anymore

The day she gave in

The day she started believing

What was said about her

The day the whispering stopped.

Silence filled her ears

She can’t hear them now

Silence is bliss

And words can hurt.