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The Voice of the Tyrone Area High School

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We used to just run to the lake.

Casting out and reeling in that monster fish.

You could always swear it was going to be a big one.

Traveling all over to catch everything and hold it in your mind.

Staying out from dawn till dusk waiting to catch a meal,

And you could swear we fished in our sleep.

Pap was the best fisher and taught us well.

He was the only man that used cheese to catch fish.

Always had his limit every day, he was amazing and great.

The memories close as we try to hold on to them.

Today we run to be with our pap.

His life is short but not yet undone.

The wheezing as he hacks with those cold machines attached to him.

To our last meet and argument stirred.

He yelled, “If all you’re going to do is fight don’t even come back”

My heart ached and shattered just hearing those spiteful words.

Yet we all grew silent because we loved him dearly,

But the anger filled our souls to the point we could not stand.

We were getting ready to leave and we had a few words to say.

The final words were, “We love you Pappy Gates.”

He replied, “I love you too and come back to visit.”

Yet we never knew that would be our last say to meet.

The dreadful day came that his life ended our dad called my phone.

The words still repeat in my head as tears flood my face.

These memories still replay in my mind to know now he is gone.

Now all we do is mourn and rejoice for that is all we can do.

For this very month on the 25th It shall be a year.

When that day comes I will say, “Pap I love you and nothing is the same anymore.”

All I want to say is, “R.I.P. Pappy Gates and enjoy heaven.”

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