December Renaissance Teacher of the Month: Ms. Shelby Runyan

Every month the Renaissance Club selects one teacher or staff member to be the Teacher/Staff of the month

Eagle Eye: What inspired you to become a teacher?
Shelby Runyan: I had an amazing teacher in high school who helped me through a lot of difficult times. She inspired me to want to have the same kind of impact on students on my own.

EE: How long have you been teaching?
SR: This school year will mark 3 consecutive years of teaching.

EE: Have you always taught at Tyrone? If not, where else?
SR: This is my first year at Tyrone. I started teaching in Kane, Pennsylvania, and last year I taught at May River High School near Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

EE: What is your favorite memory as a teacher?
SR: I’ve had a lot of really great moments in teaching, but my favorite memory would probably be the first day of school last year at May River. It was a brand new school, so I got to be a part of its very first day, and that was really exciting!

EE: If you weren’t teaching right now, what do you think you would have done with your life?
SR: If I weren’t teaching, I always saw myself working with animals. I’d love to own a doggie daycare!

EE: Where did you attend high school?
SR: I went to high school in Bradford, PA. 

EE: Where did you attend college?
SR: I went to Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 

EE: What’s your favorite book?
SR: I have, and always will be, a huge fan of Harry Potter.

EE: What is your favorite sport and sports team?
SR: I played rugby in college, so that’s definitely my favorite sport to play. As far as sports teams go, I’m a diehard Buffalo Bills fan.

EE: What are some of your favorite hobbies?
SR: Reading, binge watching Netflix, and playing with my corgi, Penny.