April Renaissance Teacher of the Month: Mr. Garrett Tanner

Every month the Renaissance Club selects one teacher or staff member to be the Teacher/Staff of the month.


EE: What inspired you to become a teacher?

Garrett Tanner: I was inspired by my high school teachers, in particular my German teacher and my Business Teacher; both who were extraordinarily down to earth, approachable, and kind

EE: How long have you been teaching?

GT: This will be my third official year! I still have a myriad of tricks to learn about the trade.

EE: Have you always taught at Tyrone? If not, where else?

GT: I previously taught at Williams Valley High School, in Dauphin county. It was a beautiful area like Tyrone with tons of hiking, biking, and woods to explore. If anyone has been there before, I’ll give them a dollar!

EE: What is your favorite memory as a teacher?

GT: Dressing up as Captain America when chaperoning my first school prom. This was during my first year of teaching, and I painted a metal garbage lid as made it my shield. And also my first couple months here at Tyrone – I was so flooded with people in the Halls saying “Hi, my name is…”  It was overwhelming and absolutely marvelous.

EE: If you weren’t teaching right now, what do you think you would have done with your life?

GT: Pursued art of some kind – most likely in Graphic Art or Woodworking.

EE: Where did you attend high school?

GT: Indiana Area High School – home of the Indians!

EE: Where did you attend college?


EE: What’s your favorite book?

GT: The Alchemist

EE: What is your favorite sport and sports team?

GT: Pittsburgh Penguins

EE: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

GT: I love building furniture, painting, reading books & magazines, making computer games, playing guitar, hiking, kayaking & anything outside.