February Renaissance Teacher of the Month: Patrick McNelis

February Renaissance Teacher of the Month: Patrick McNelis

Eagle Eye: Why did you decide to become a teacher?

Patrick McNelis: “I was offered a job as a TSS out of college, I wasn’t sure that this was the path I wanted to take, but I enjoyed it and it allowed me to get into coaching.”

EE: How long have you been teaching/ working?

PM: “I’ve been in my present position for three years. I have been working in a school setting for 15.”

EE: Have you taught/worked anywhere else other than Tyrone?

PM: “I have worked in numerous schools and other academic settings in my 15 years.”

EE: What’s your favorite teaching/working memory?

PM: “I have a lot of favorite memories. I have enjoyed all of the kids I have worked with and coached. Also, I couldn’t ask for a better crew to work with.”

EE: If you had chosen to not follow this path, where would you be now?

PM: “Some area of law enforcement.”

EE: Where did you attend high school and college?

PM: “[I] graduated from Tyrone in 2000 and graduated from IUP in 2005.”

EE: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

PM: “I enjoy spending time with my wife, Dani, and my daughter, Lena. I also enjoy coaching football and track.”