April 2014 Renaissance Teacher of the Month: Mrs. Amanda Winfield

Every month the Renaissance Club nominates a new teacher or staff member as the “Teacher/Staff of the Month”


Alyssa Benton

Amanda Winfield, Business Teacher, Yearbook Advisor, FBLA Advisor, and Cooperative Education Coordinator

Business teacher Amanda Winfield has been voted Teacher of the Month by the Renaissance Club for April.

Eagle Eye: What inspired you to become a teacher?

Amanda Winfield: I was inspired by my 10th grade high school biology teacher. He was a great teacher and was incredibly motivating towards all of his students.

E.E: How long have you been teaching? Have you always taught at Tyrone? If not, where else have you taught?

A.W:I went back to school to obtain my teaching degree and graduated in 2007. Two weeks after graduation I began teaching at Cambria-Rowe Business College and taught computer classes there until August 2013. I’ve been teaching at Tyrone since August of 2013.

E.E: What is your favorite memory as a teacher?

A.W: Graduation was always a big deal where I taught at before. I saw students enter the school with little computer skills and saw them graduate will a feeling of confidence. I’m sure that graduation at Tyrone will also be a favorite memory of mine once I’m year for longer than a few months.

E.E: If you weren’t teaching right now, what would you be doing?

A.W: Teaching is my career – I can’t see me doing anything other than teaching, training, or coaching others. However…if I didn’t have to work I would be traveling the world!

E.E: Where did you attend high school?

A.W: Indiana Area Senior High School in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

E.E: Where did you attend college?

A.W: Indiana University of Pennsylvania – Associate of Arts: Computer and Office Information Systems

Indiana University of Pennsylvania – Bachelor of Science: Business Education

Pennsylvania State University – Master of Education: Instructional Systems – Educational Technology

E.E: What is your favorite movie?

A.W: Back to the Future!

E.E: What is your favorite book?

A.W: The Didymus Contingency by Jeremy Robinson

E.E: What is your favorite sports team?

A.W: Pittsburgh Penguins