Senior Spotlight: Devon Brown

Every week the Eagle Eye selects one senior at random to be our Senior Spotlight.



EE- What are your plans after high school?

DB: “Going to college to get that degree.”

EE- Who will you miss most about high school?

DB: “Mariah Simondale”

EE- What is your favorite high school memory?

DB: ” Guitar lessons with Tyler and Chelsea.”

E- Who is your favorite teacher of your school career?

DB: ” Mr. Witmer”

EE- What was your favorite class in high school?

DB: “Gym”

EE- Are you involved in any extra- curricular activities? If so, what?

DB: ” Wrestling”

EE- Have you always been a Golden Eagle? If not, when did you move here?

DB: “Yeah I have always been a Tyrone Golden Eagle.”

EE- Who is your hero in life?

DB: “Gage Light and David Taylor”

EE- What is your favorite sports team?  

DB: “PSU wrestling and UNC football”