Prom. The best event of the school year.

Girls wake up excited to spend the day getting ready, and guys play basketball or drive around and have fun until 45 minutes before pictures. Ok, maybe not all of them, but the majority of guys wait until the last minute.

Although guys don’t need that much time to primp themselves for the prom, girls have a lot to fit into their busy schedule for the day.

I propose that we have prom on a Saturday instead of Friday in which school is in session. Not only is there no school, but students would have a full morning to prepare.

Unfortunately, everyone stresses out more than they should because, in addition to getting ready, they must attend school for two and a half pointless hours.

To eliminate this problem, I propose that we have prom on a Saturday instead of Friday in which school is in session.

A Saturday prom would allow students to have a full morning to prepare.  Students would also be in school the entire day on Friday and not miss any curriculum, or have work to make up when they return on Monday.

This would allow for an average amount of homework on Monday evening. It would also be easier for the teachers to move on with a lesson instead of having to catch students up.

Prom attendees spend too much money on dresses, suits, flowers, dinner, and tickets just to be threatened by the school. As the policy is now, prom is taken from students who do not show up Friday for at least two and a half hours of school. How is that fair? Students are busy. Some students have appointments for hair or makeup and others are hoping to get ready early to visit relatives.

Changing prom to Saturday night would be more beneficial in more ways than just one.

Tyrone Area High School needs to make the change. Not only will it help the prom attendees, but it will help the staff of the school as well.