Junior Class Steamrolls Seniors In Powderpuff Game


Lucia Isenberg

Winnie Grot

The Junior class defeated the Seniors in the annual Powderpuff game with a score of 12-6. According to organizer and unofficial powderpuff historian Gary McGovern, it was only the fourth time in the 46 year history of the annual game that the Juniors beat the Seniors.

The Seniors started the game strong with a long touchdown pass from quarterback Arian Hicks to wide receiver Olivia Barr. This was the first time since 1972 that a touchdown was scored on the first play.

Unfortunately for the Seniors, these would be their first and last points on the board. The senior class attempted a two-point conversion but to no avail.

The Juniors soon found their way onto the scoreboard when running back Grace LeGars dashed into the end zone, tying the score at 6-6. The Juniors also failed an attempt at a two-point conversion.

“We showed up to practices and it showed on the field,” said LeGars.

The score remained tied throughout the first quarter. The second quarter would then highlight prime defensive skills from both teams.

Junior Winnie Grot would then break through the Senior’s line and take the ball to the house. The Juniors took the first half with a score of 12-6.

Both teams came out strong in the second half. However, the Seniors continued a losing streak.

An attempt to complete the drive on the Senior’s first down was failed. Also, a punt was attempted but was blocked by Junior’s solid defense.

We showed up to practices and it showed on the field”

— Grace LeGars

The Juniors possessed the ball for a few downs, but an interception by Senior Aary Wright gave the Seniors a second chance to get back in the game. A lockdown defense by the Juniors would then run the clock out to finish the game with a score of 12-6.

Typically, the Senior class takes home the win from the annual powderpuff game, but since the opposite occurred, the Junior class was ecstatic.

Junior special teams coach Keegan Raabe was very pleased with his team’s performance.

“We played very well and were focused going into the game,” said Raabe.

Although the Senior class put up a good fight, the Juniors came out on top with even more confidence than they had going into the game.

“The storm came and did no damage,” said Junior Elise Gaily.