Enter the 6th Annual Eagle Eye March Madness Bracket Challenge


Join the March Madness Bracket Challenge for a chance to win $50!

Ready or not, March Madness is upon us, and that means it’s time for the annual Eagle Eye Tournament Challenge.

The prizes will be the same as previous years:

  • 1st place winner will get a $50 gift card.
  • 2nd place winner will get a $20 gift card.
  • 3rd place will get a $10 gift card.


  • All Tyrone students in grades 9-12, and all TAHS teachers and staff are eligible.
  • You must have or create an ESPN account to enter.
  • Use MUST use your FULL NAME as the title of your bracket (no nicknames or incomplete names) or you will be removed from the contest!
  • You may only enter ONE bracket. Multiple brackets under the same name will be disqualified.

To enter the contest, click the link below:


Password: eagleeye2021 (all one word, no caps)

Some students are having difficulty entering the contest from their TASD Chromebooks. You may have to use a non-TASD device to complete your bracket.

The round of 64 starts on Thursday, so that will be the last day you can enter a bracket.

Good Luck!