What to Expect When You’re Expecting


This week I’d like to address an important issue: teen pregnancy. I know that many people see pregnancy at this age as a curse, as a problem that must be “fixed.” But why do we see it this way? Why do some judge the mother so harshly? Why do many make an already difficult situation worse? Why don’t we support her? I guess easy to judge when we’re just an onlooker. Just keep in mind that she has feelings too. Let’s make her feel like she’s not alone.

“Help, I’m pregnant what do I do?”

I know that this is hard, and I know that the next few months are going to be even harder. This isn’t a “quick fix” sort of ordeal. This is something that requires a lot of thought.

First things first, it would be wise to consult with a counselor or school nurse for professional support. Also, make sure that your family and/or support system knows that you’re pregnant. I know that might sound ridiculous, considering the fact that in a few months they will definitely notice. However, the news will be better received if you come to them first, before they find out on their own.

The same goes for the father. While he is not going through the same physical changes as you are, it is still his child too. Whether or not you are a couple, he deserves to know.

As far as “handling” your pregnancy, you need to go to both your family and the baby’s father and get their input as to how to proceed. Don’t go through this alone.  But remember that the final decision is yours. This is your body and that this is your child. Follow your heart and do what YOU feel is best, it’s just better to have a few outside opinions to help you improve your decision.

Bottom line: Don’t keep this to yourself, ask for help while keeping in mind that the final decision, whatever it may be, is yours.

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