It’s the Thought That Counts


This week we’ve got another Christmas question.  But first, let me start off by saying that not every column will directly answer a specific question. Some columns, like my last, will just be a blanket statement, especially if many people can benefit from it. So if someone asked me, ¨How do I find a perfect gift without breaking the bank?¨ then I will format in the way I did in my last column.

Another quick thing before I start, I want you all to know that I try to answer every question to the best of my ability, however, if I am asked a question that is intended to be a joke I will not answer it. So let me make it clear, everyone who has asked me a legitimate question has been answered, so if I didn’t answer you, you did not ask me a legitimate question. This rule will continue for the duration of the column.

Well, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to it.

¨How can you tell if you give someone a card that you made yourself, but you feel like they didn’t even want it at all so how can you tell? Would please help me?¨

It is always difficult to give someone a present that you made yourself. Until you have given them your gift, or in your case your card,  you’re constantly wondering ¨Will they like it?¨ or ¨Is it good enough?” and that’s okay, it’s totally human to have a little doubt.

As far as being able to discern whether or not some likes your gift, it isn’t always easy. It really depends on the person. Some people are upfront as to how they feel, others try to hide it. If you’re really keen on trying to find out their feelings on your gift, watch the way they wear their face. Do they scrunch their nose in disgust or do they widen their eyes in excitement? Is there the slightest twinge of a frown or are they genuinely smiling?

You can also try “reading’’ the emotion in their voice. If you hear them get high pitched when they say something positive, then chances are that they aren’t too satisfied with their gift. But if you hear satisfaction or excitement, then they truly enjoy it.

But keep in mind, no matter what you give them, they should be grateful, especially if you made it yourself. You took time out of your day to make them something. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

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