New Feature: The Eagle Eye Advice Column

The Eagle Eye is launching a new feature: An advice column for students at TAHS!


School.  Relationships.  Friends.  Family.  Work.  All of these can cause stress.  Sometimes it gets to the point where you can’t get through the day because you feel so drained or hopeless.

I know a lot of people get down in the dumps and don’t know how to get back on track. I’ve been through it myself. It’s hard to do.

But over the years I’ve learned some things that can help lift my mood when I need it and get me through the day.

We also have a great group of counselor and mental health professionals here at Tyrone High School, whose job is to help people through tough times.

So the Eagle Eye is teaming up with the TASD counselors for a new feature:

The Eagle Eye Advice Column

Once a week, we’ll answer your questions on school, friends, relationships, and other issues that are important to our readers.

Click here or go to the Eagle Eye Advice tab under Opinion to submit a question to the Eagle Eye!

My intention is to try to help others by sharing my own experiences and the problems I’ve faced.



For the first installment of this feature, I would like to share some general strategies that I’ve learned and used over the years to deal with problems and obstacles.

Some of these strategies I use myself.  Others came from my friends.  Some things you can do if you’re feeling sad, or angry, or even if you’re just feeling self-conscious.

#1 Talk to yourself in the mirror.


This may sound strange, but it works! Give yourself a compliment. Forget the negative and say good things about yourself.  Say something that make you smile.  Tell yourself that you have a wonderful smile and you should show it off.

But don’t just compliment your appearance.  Say what makes you happy and what you’re happy to have.

For example, I’m happy to have my one best friend there for me. I’m grateful for one of my favorite bands playing great music. They don’t have to be things that you can even physically touch  – just anything that makes you happy.  Say it out loud.

#2 If you have that need to escape into a different world, just drop your problems and relax.


Set aside some time just for you to have a bit of “me” time. Take an hour or more for yourself and do what you want to do. Sometimes just drawing or writing is a good way to escape reality.

If that’s not your cup of tea, watch TV, sing, play or listen to music, even throw a ball around outside. Do what you want to do to relax, just let your mind drift. While its true that you can’t ignore problems forever and you still have to remember your responsibilities, but sometimes you just need to relax and clear your mind.

Also, try to organize what responsibilities you have, from the ones that are small and easy to the bigger ones that are a bit harder to deal with.

#3 Find someone you can trust and tell them what’s on your mind.


Everyone needs someone to talk to.  Talk to a friend. A parent.  A teacher.  A counselor.  Find someone who can help.  Keeping your problems completely to yourself is usually not a healthy way to deal with them.

Also, try writing it all down in a journal.  It might seem cheesy to do but it has helped me a lot.

Writing things down can lift a weight off your shoulders and your mind and help you to think more clearly through your problems.

#4 If you’re sad, try listening to upbeat music.


Listen to one of your favorite bands.

My favorite is Steam Powered Giraffe.  Its obvious through their songwriting that the band has been through some of the same things as me, so it makes me feel better when I listen to them.  Their songs are catchy and I enjoy listening to them a lot. That usually picks up my mood fast.

#5 Smile. A simple smile can improve your mood and the people around you.


Give someone a compliment.  Tell them they look nice or that they have a great laugh. When people hear those type of things it helps make their day, and it can make you feel good too. Knowing you made someone else happy is a great feeling and can improve your mood.  It’s a win-win, you get a feel of joy and so does that person.

Help someone out.  From holding a door for them to helping them pay for something. They’re thankful and it’s a great feeling when someone really means it. I’ve just asked people how their day was going when checking out at a store.  I compliment something they are wearing or how nice their smile is. I usually get a huge smile when I do this and I know it was something that made their day in some way. Passing a smile and giving someone a compliment or anything won’t hurt; it’s a simple thing to do!

#6 Stand tall and proud, try not to care what others think.


Don’t let what others think get to you.

If you feel happy with how you are or how you look nothing can get in your way. If you like how you look that’s what matters, your body is your canvas. Do what makes you feel comfortable. You’re your own piece of art work.

A silly thing I do to make me feel comfortable and just all around awesome is I imagine I have big wings. It makes me feel good and powerful, like nothing can stop me. Just imagine you’re on top of the world or anything like that, stand tall and proud of who you are.

Discover who you are.  Find yourself and own it, be proud of who you are and what you like. Above all don’t let what others say or think get to you, it’s your life. You’re in control of your own actions and your own mind.

Now, its your turn: if you have a specific question, let us know!

Use this link to submit your questions.  We’ll try our best to answer them in the Eagle Eye!