Tyrone Dominates Bald Eagle in a 6-1 Victory

Tyrone dominated Bald Eagle in a 6-1 victory on Tuesday to earn a spot in the District 6 playoffs. Seniors Kelton Raabe and Alex Taylor combined for 5 goals and 3 assists in the blowout.

“We needed big-time performances from everyone on our team and that’s exactly what we got. We talked about this game being a must-win game for playoff implications and that fueled a different fire that I haven’t seen all season,” said Head Coach Alex Bartlett.

Raabe started off the chain of Tyrone goals in the first half on a ball play in between Bald Eagle defenders by Taylor. Raabe was able to run onto and place it into the back of the net in the 4th minute.

Tyrone Eagle Eye

Five minutes later Raabe returned the favor as Taylor ran onto a ball played through by Raabe to put Tyrone in the lead 2-0.

Taylor then found Raabe for the second time 3 minutes later on a ball played across the 18-yard box in the air that Raabe was able to volley into the lower-left corner of the goal.

A minute later Taylor was able to find the ball from sophomore Eric Sims at the top of the 18. Taylor turned and took a quick shot to put Tyrone up 5-0.

Bald Eagle then gave up an own goal. Taylor played a long ball into the box intended for Tyrone’s attacker and Bald Eagles defender attempted to clear the ball and kicked the ball over his keeper.

With 5 minutes left in the first half, Raabe extended the lead to 6-0 by a ball played across by Taylor that Raabe was able to place into the left corner.

Tyrone knew they needed to win this game to make it to the playoffs and was relieved that they had the game in the bag at halftime. They just needed to tire Bald Eagle out by possessing the ball and passing around defenders.

We needed big-time performances from everyone on our team and that’s exactly what we got”

— Head coach Alex Bartlett

About 4 minutes into the second half Tyrone fouled inside the box to grant Bald Eagle with a penalty kick. Bald Eagle scored making the score 6-1.

Tyrone continued to possess the ball for the majority of the half and kept the score at 6-1 for a must-win game for the Golden Eagles.

“Our defense dominated the whole game and we shut down their offense to help keep Bald Eagles at one goal to a minimum,” said senior Defender Mason Thomas.