Boy Soccer Falls to BEA

Fighting through a tough rematch at home, the boy’s soccer team lost their game against Bald Eagle 5-1 on October 18.

When Tyrone played against Bald Eagle earlier in the season, they were down three of their starters. However, in this game, all their starters were healthy and present.

With everyone back, Tyrone was hoping for a better showing against BEA, but in the first half, Tyrone’s defense was outmatched. Bald Eagle maintained possession and scored early.

However, the Tyrone defense was able to hold BEA to three goals, keeping the Golden Eagles in the game at halftime.

Also in the first half, there were not as many offensive opportunities for Tyrone, with the Bald Eagle defense locking down and intercepting many passes.

In the second half, Tyrone’s passes were a lot smoother and goal-scoring opportunities were created.

One of these opportunities turned out to be the perfect one, with a nice cross played into the box, junior Connor Bardell getting a nice tap-in goal, to close the gap to 3-1.

Unfortunately, Tyrone was unable to capitalize on more chances, and conceded 2 more goals during the remaining time in the second half, making the final score 5-1.