TV Series Review: Supernatural


5 out of 5 stars.

 Saving people. Hunting things. The family business. This is the life of two brothers, Sam and Dean, from Supernatural.

The TV series Supernatural is about two brothers who are on a permanent road trip saving people from the creatures of the dark. There are demons, ghosts, shape shifters, angels, and even the devil himself.

After Sam and Dean’s mother was murdered by The Yellow Eyed demon as children, they, along with their father, had begun to lead a life of killing the supernatural to prevent the same devastating results from happening to other families.

Throughout their lives as young adults, they are on a permanent road trip around the country chasing the supernatural through strange stories of deaths and crimes in the newspaper, word of mouth, and with the help of their allies.

Supernatural is a story of trust, strength, and most of all, faith. It is well paced, constantly holds your intention, and even invokes a little bit of fear. It leaves you hanging, wondering what will happen, and constantly draws you back in to the next episode in the season, and the next season in the series. This was an easy 5 stars, and you won’t be disappointed if you watch.