Testing the Ice: Senior Trent Bogert to Play on Junior Hockey Circuit

Bogert plans to put college on hold and play on the Junior Hockey League circuit next year.


photo courtesy of Trent Bogert

Trent Bogert (34) was the Laurel Mountain League MVP for the 2015-2016 season

Tyrone senior Trent Bogert has been playing hockey competitively since the age of nine.  Thanks to years of dedication and practice he has developed into one of the best goalies in the area.

While Tyrone does not field its own varsity hockey squad, Trent and several other Tyrone students have grown up playing for club teams in Altoona and in high school for the Bishop Guilfoyle Maruaders sqaud.

I’m hoping that I could catch the eye of some scout at any Division 1 college and get a scholarship. I think it would be awesome to play for Penn State someday”

— Senior Trent Bogert

Bogert was a four year starter for the Marauders.  As a junior he won the Larual Mountuan Hockey League’s top goaltender award.  This season he had an impressive league leading .930 save percentage.  Bogert also won the League MVP Award this season.

When considering what to do after high school, Bogert choices were going to college at Penn State and play for the PSU club team or try out for a Junior Hockey Team in hopes of eventually landing with a scholarship at a Division I school.

Unlike most sports, in NCAA Division I hockey players generally do not go straight from high school to college. Many start in one of the Junior Leagues for 16-21 year olds.  Doing well in a junior league can lead to a Division I college scholarship offer.

Bogert hopes to be one of those players.

He has already tried out for a junior team in New Hampshire and plans to try out for another in Ohio soon.  Bogert’s not yet sure where he’ll end up, but right now he says he is leaning toward Ohio.

“I’m hoping that I could catch the eye of some scout at any Division 1 college and get a scholarship.  I think it would be awesome to play for Penn State some day,” said Bogert.

Trent Bogert Q & A

Eagle Eye: Why did you choose to take the hockey route instead of college?

Trent Bogert: College is always going to be there and [Junior League hockey] is a great opportunity for me.

EE: What are  you most excited for about your potential hockey future?

TB: Progressing as a player and playing at a higher hockey level.

EE: What will you miss the most about playing sports in high school?

TB: The atmosphere and all the kids coming to support.

EE: What advice would you give to younger athletes?

TB: Always give your best, even when you are having a bad game because you never know who could be watching.

EE: What team do you hope to play on in the pro level?

TB: The New York Rangers