TAHS Promposal Contest: Prom…Yay or Neigh??

Senior Lance Loose and Bellwood sophomore Annie Peters are Week 8’s featured promposal.

Senior Lance Loose used his girfriend’s, Bellwood sophomore Annie Peters, favorite thing to prompose.

“She really likes horses,” said Loose.  “I have horses, so I wanted to use them for the promposal.”

With help from senior Phoenix Farias, Lance made a sign that said “Stop HORSEing around and go to PROM.”  Not only did he make a sign, but he also surprised Annie with one of his horses.

Annie was very excited that Lance asked her to prom and she knew that she would say yes, because she likes Lance a lot.

“I asked Annie, because she’s the sweetest girl I’ve ever met,” said Loose.

Lance is most excited to have the cutest date to prom and Annie is looking forward to getting to go to prom with her best friend!