TAHS Promposal Contest: Can I Derive you to Prom?

Junior Michael Lewis and sophomore Chloe Makdad are Week 7’s featured promposal.


Junior Michael Lewis knew sophomore Chloe Makdad’s love for math when he came up with his promposal.

“Chloe and I are both diligent students, so a mathematical promposal seemed to be the best decision,” said Lewis.

With help from Tyrone grad Jake Makdad and accounting teacher Ms. Angela Kline, Michael made a sign that had various math equations and phrases that Chloe had to solve to reveal the letters to spell prom.

Chloe was very surprised that Michael asked her, because she just assumed that he was at her house to visit her brother Jake, but she knew that she would say yes.

“The Makdad and Lewis names will be familiar to all in the 2040 presidential election,” said Lewis, “So it only made sense to get the names out to the public now.”

Michael and Chloe are both looking forward to having fun at prom with each other and their friends.