TAHS Promposal Contest: A “Truck Yeah” Promposal

Senior Zane Hertzler and sophomore Jaylon Beck are Week 1’s featured promposal.

Senior Zane Hertzler used one of his favorite things to prompose to his long time girlfriend sophomore Jaylon Beck.

Zane wrote “Prom?” on his truck while it was snowing to surprise Jaylon.

“Yes, I was surprised, I thought he was going to take me outside just to show me that it was snowing, because he has done that before,” said Beck.

Zane wasn’t nervous at all to ask Jaylon because he knew she would say yes.  

“I wasn’t nervous because we have been dating for almost a year, and we went together last year.  She also is the cutest in her prom dress,” said Hertzler.

Jaylon and Zane are both excited to dance and to make more high school memories together.