TAHS Promposal Contest: A Super Cheesy Promposal

Senior Chase Maceno and senior Drew Hunter are Week 6’s featured promposal.


Senior Chase Maceno decided that instead of asking a girl to prom, that he would just ask his best friend senior Drew Hunter.  

With help from senior Aaron Lewis, Chase got a pizza and wrote “I know this is cheesy…Prom?” on the box and pizza as well.

“We started our school life together, so I thought it would be nice to end it together,” said Maceno.

Drew was very surprised that Chase asked him to prom, because he thought that Chase was going to ask someone else.

“I knew that I would say yes, because he is my buddy, and it was a great promposal,” said Hunter.

Chase and Drew are both excited to twerk, eat food before prom and to ride in some cool cars.