TAHS Promposal Contest: A Romantic Promposal

Senior Anthony Politza and junior Allison Hosko are Week 8’s featured promposal.

Senior Anthony Politza promposed to his long time girlfriend junior Allison Hosko with three of a girl’s favorite things; candles, roses, and poems.  

With the help of his mom, Anthony wrote Alli a poem and then scattered rose petals all over his deck and spelled out “PROM?” with candles.

“I found the base idea of “Prom?” made of candles on Pinterest,” said Politza, “And then added my own twist.”

Although Alli knew that Anthony would ask her, she was so surprised by the way he asked her.

“Alli is my best friend, and we already knew that we were going together since we’ve been together for three years,” said Politza.

Anthony is looking forward to dressing up and going out to eat with Alli and all of his friends. Alli is excited to get ready for prom and to see Anthony all dressed up!