TAHS Promposal Contest: A Movie Promposal

Sophomore Dylan Thomas and junior Alexis Cannistraci are Week 4’s featured promposal.


Sophomore Dylan Thomas surprised his girlfriend junior Alexis Cannistraci by waiting outside of her house with a sign that read “Tic-Tac-Toe. Will you go to prom?”

Dylan came up with the idea from the movie Chicken Little and was super nervous to ask Alexis.

“I wanted to ask Alexis, because she is my girlfriend and I love her,” said Thomas.

Even though Dylan wanted to surprise Alexis, she knew that he was going to ask her that day.  

“Of course I would say yes to Dylan,” said Cannistraci, “He’s my boyfriend and I love him.”

Dylan and Alexis are both very excited to kill it on the dance floor with all of their friends.