TAHS promposal contest: A calculated promposal!

Megann Koegler and Jake Makdad are Week 5’s featured promposal.


courtesy of Megann Koegler

Megann Koegler and Jake Makdad with their promposal.

One student at Tyrone High really took his education into consideration when promposing.

Senior Jake Makdad “calculated” his promposal to senior Megann Koegler very carefully. He used derivatives, like the ones in Calculus class, in an unconventional way to ask Megann.

“I was solving for f(x) and thought ‘derive’ sounds a whole lot like ‘drive’, so I came up with a pun and went from there,” said Makdad.

Inside of her Calculus textbook, Makdad added a page that said “Mind if I ‘derive’ you all the way to prom?”

Jake wasn’t nervous to ask Megann because they are great friends and he knows they will have a memorable senior prom together.

Megann was extremely surprised by this mathematical gesture. She had no idea Jake was asking her to prom, but she knew right away that she would say yes.

“How could you say no to Jake’s face?” said Koegler.

Both Jake and Megann are excited to make their senior prom the most memorable one yet.