TAHS Promposal Contest: A Ballin’ Promposal

Junior Aj Grassi and senior Finnley Christine are Week 6’s featured promposal.


Junior Aj Grassi pulled off a major gym class promposal for his girlfriend senior Finnley Christine.  

With the help of a bunch of people, including junior Riean Minnich, senior Mary Beth Raabe, gym teacher Megan Hartman, sophomore Asher Christine, sophomore Jarron Bower, and the 7th period gym class, Aj put “PROM?” on the backboard of the basketball hoop and wrote on a basketball to ask Finnley to prom.

“I have been wanting to ask Finnley to prom for a while,” said Grassi, “And I really wanted to give her a promposal she would remember.”

“I wasn’t surprised that Aj asked me,” said Christine, “I was surprised by how he did it.  He did it very well.”

Finnley knew she wanted to go to prom with AJ, so she knew that she’d say yes as soon as he asked her.

Aj is most excited to watch Finnley participate in the “Grand Hobble.”  Finnley is excited to spend her senior prom with Aj.