Shedd Takes First in Eagle Eye-Renaissance March Madness Challenge

First Place Winner Chris Shedd

If you haven’t seen the final two minutes of the National Championship game, go watch it NOW. You’ll see Marcus Paige put the whole university and state of North Carolina on his back, but fall short to a highly skilled and disciplined Villanova team.

The Eagle Eye and Renaissance Tourney challenge ended with some surprising winners.

Mr. Chris “I love Math” Shedd was the winner of the challenge. Shedd was the only entry in the challenge to have Villanova winning it all. Not only was this stat amazing, but his predicted final score of the championship was almost dead on as well.

“I watched a lot of Big East basketball this year,” said Shedd, “It’s the only channel I have! I noticed that it was a very challenging division. The teams were all good, and ‘Nova still came out with only five losses,” said Shedd.

Asked what he would do with his $50 Sheetz card, Shedd said “I’m going to probably just put it all into my gas tank.”

Junior Brian Gunter pulled out a surprising second place finish even though he picked Michigan State to win. His picks before the Final Four and championship round were just so accurate that they kept him perched in the top three throughout the tourney challenge.

“I’m not surprised because Alex Weaver is not a thug,” said Gunter.

What will Brian be spending his twenty dollar Sheetz card on? “Sunflower seeds and Cope,” said Gunter.

Sophomore Lea Crofcheck came in solid with a third place. Lea had North Carolina winning it all and would have won it all had UNC pulled out the win in the championship game.

“Mac and Cheese bites, all the way!” said Crofcheck when asked what she would be doing with her $10 Sheetz gift card.

Rumor has it that that Junior Alex Weaver (a loyal Carolina fan and Lea’s boyfriend) made a significant number of the picks in Lea’s bracket. Weaver finished 6th in the challenge, but his girlfriend walked away with the third place prize.

When asked for comment, Weaver only said “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”

Here’s the top 10 in our March Madness Challenge:

  1. Mr. Chris Shedd
  2. Junior Brian Gunter
  3. Sophomore Lea Crofcheck
  4. Junior Azia Barnett
  5. Senior Zack Soellner
  6. Junior Alex Weaver
  7. Mr. Patrick McNelis
  8. Junior Haley Wagner
  9. Sophomore Parker Mitchell
  10. Sophomore Derek Wilson

Another season of March Madness comes to a close, and unfortunately we have to say goodbye to the heart breakers and nail biters for another year.