The Eagle Eye Promposal Contest is BACK!

After a four-year break, the Eagle Eye Promposal Contest is BACK!

If you are a TAHS student going to prom and would like to win free prom tickets or free prom flowers, this contest is for you!

For those who don’t know what a “promposal” is, it is any creative way of asking someone to prom.

Promposals usually involve flowers, candy, funny (or punny) signs, elaborate plans, surprises, or just about any creative way of asking someone to prom.

Need some ideas?  To see entries from previous Eagle Eye Promposal contests, click HERE.

This year we have great prizes in two categories: Best Overall and Most Romantic.

Each winner will receive a different prize.

  • Best Overall– FREE Prom tickets* – an $80 value (ALL entries are eligible to win best overall) for the promposal voted best overall.
  • Most Romantic Promposal– Free prom flowers for the winning couple from Garden Gate Floral in Tyrone for the promposal voted “Most Romantic.”

*Since voting will not occur until late April, the winner of the overall prize will receive a refund of their prepaid prom registration fee.

Special thanks to the Prom Committee and to Garden Gate Florists in Tyrone for sponsoring the prizes!

All students attending the TAHS prom are eligible to enter.

To enter, click HERE to fill out the promposal contest entry form.

The form link will also be available in the Tyrone Eagle Eye Instagram bio. Your photo and story will be published in the Eagle Eye as soon as possible.

The contest begins on Friday, March 17th, and will end on Wednesday, April 26th.

Winners will be determined by popular vote during the last week of April.

Good luck!