November Renaissance Teacher of the Month: Danielle Shick

Danielle Shick

Ava McCracken

Danielle Shick

Eagle Eye: “Why did you decide to be a teacher?”

Danielle Shick: “Teaching was never in my original plan. In college, my plan was always a dentistry or Physician Assistant, but my senior year I decided to switch to education after getting a job as a math and science tutor.”

EE: “How long have you been teaching?”

DS: “This is only my second year.”

EE: “Have you taught anywhere else other than Tyrone?”

DS: “After graduation, I was a day to day substitute at Dubois High School, but my first full-time teaching position was here at Tyrone.”

EE: “What’s your favorite teaching memory?”

DS: “So many! I enjoy being able to witness all of the success my students have throughout the year, whether it is in sports, getting into college, finding a job, or graduating high school.”

EE: “If you had chosen to not teach, where would you be now?”

DS: “I had an interview for a Physician Assistant program, but [I] didn’t accept it and pursued graduate school for education instead. So, I imagine I would be in the medical field somewhere.”

EE: “Where did you attend high school? And college?”

DS: “I went to DuBois Area High School. I earned my bachelor’s degree from Pitt and my Master’s degree from Slippery Rock.”

EE: “What are some of your favorite hobbies?”

DS: “I enjoy reading, hiking, fishing, and spending time with my fiance and puppy.”