Movie Review: Warm Bodies – Love You to Death


Warm Bodies was entertaining and fun. This movie really sets itself apart from any genre, straddling the lines between romance, horror, and comedy.

Dubbed a “zom-rom-com,” or a zombie romantic comedy, this movie centers around a post-apocalyptic world where zombies shuffle about, eating people, and the humans huddle together in closely guarded cities.

R, a zombie who is unusually coherent, and still clings to specks of life, meets a human named Julie after he coincidentally ate her boyfriend’s brains. Despite not liking his half-life, and wishing things were different, he had to eat to survive. After seeing memories of her he is drawn to her, and in that moment something shifts inside of him.

On their perilous journey, they have to face many problems, including the zombies that have no pieces of humanity left, the Boneys.

The humans and zombies must work together to defeat the terrible Boneys, needing courage and friendship to lead the way.

R’s internal commentary was surprisingly funny, and fueled most of the humor. I found myself laughing profusely every time he commented on something.

Although some may think that “it was cheesy,” as Johnathon Moats, sophomore, did, anyone who likes romantic comedies will love this movie.

For those looking for a real horror flick, they won’t find it in this surprisingly warm hearted movie.