Klayten’s FaNASTY Week 5


After last week being some of my worst takes so far this year. I brought on a guest to give you guys some of the best picks.

Beef’s FaNASTY Players Of Week 5

Deebo Samuel: After an amazing week 4, Deebo caught 6-7 passes for 115 yards and 1 touchdown. With Jimmy Garoppolo now becoming the starter for the 49ers, you will see a lot of action between him and Deebo. Looking back at the 2021 season, Deebo and Jimmy were a dynamic duo. The 49ers are playing the Panthers this week. The Panthers’ defensive rating is 19th in the NFL, which makes this an amazing pick.

Joe Burrow: After an average performance in week 4, Burrow is looking like his old playoff self. Burrow is out for vengeance this season after losing in the Super Bowl last year to the Rams. Burrow went up against one of the toughest teams in the NFL right now, the Miami Dolphins. Burrow went 20-31 with 287 yards and 2 touchdown passes. This week, Burrow is going up against the Ravens. The Ravens are one of the worst defenses this year for fantasy allowing the 4th most points to fantasy WR. The Chase and Burrow connection is unstoppable, as well as with Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd, Joe Burrow has options left and right. With an amazing running back as well, Burrow is the man to take.

Nick Chubb: Chubb is an all-around amazing player when it comes to Brown’s offense. Chubb has been an animal all season dropping a high of 32 and a low of 15. The Browns are playing against the Chargers this week. The Chargers have a hard time keeping a lead when they get up by a good amount of points. Chubb is currently ranked 2nd in the position rank and a key player to have on your team. Expect a very big performance out of him this week.

Saquon Barkley: Saquon is an injury-prone player, but I feel that this year is finally his year. After a few amazing weeks, Barkley is now RB1 in the league. The first week, he dropped 33 points after 18 rushes for 164 yards. This week, he dropped another average of 18 points. He seems to be on an on-and-off pattern and this week seems to be the week. The Giants play in Green Bay. The weather will be cold which means they will want to keep the ball out of the air.

Dallas Goedert: While many people focus on the big-named TEs like Kittle and Kelce, Dallas Goedert is one of the next ups. The Eagles are the only team in the league that is undefeated. The Eagles are going up against the Cardinals this week, and with the momentum that the Eagles are on, Goedert is going to go off. Something to note is that the Cardinals are ranked 32nd against Tight Ends in fantasy. He has been averaging around 10 points per week and is a consistent player. You will be seeing him on a lot of people’s benches, so go and trade for him.

49ers Defense: The 49ers defense is one of the best in the league. After shutting down one of the top offenses in the league, the Rams, the Niners are going to be going nuts. With confidence in the team, they are going to shred. The defense alone scored 22 fantasy points after a pick-6, a fumble recovery, and only giving up 9 points. They will be a long-term pick for any team that needs some free extra points.

FaNASTY Honorable Mentions

Mike Evans: Mike Evans was ejected from the game in week 2 and was also out for week 3 with a suspension. During the Chiefs vs. Bucs game, Evans was the main target Brady was looking for. Evans went 8-10 with 103 yards and 2 touchdowns earning him 30 fantasy points. I feel like with Evans being back, and Brady needing to get his status back as the G.O.A.T, he will need someone reliable to pass to. Chris Godwin is back but unlike last year Chris Godwin is not going to affect Mike Evans performance in fantasy. This is why Mike Evans should be someone you should look out for.

Stefon Diggs: After not seeing the ball much in week 4, Diggs will be looking to help out the teams he is on. During Sunday’s game against the Ravens, Diggs was only targeted 6 times, with 4 of those becoming receptions. With those 4 touches, Diggs still managed to put up 62 yards giving him a fantasy score of 10. The first 2 weeks for Diggs were his highs with week 1 being 26 and week 2 being an amazing 45. Diggs will be going up against a young Steelers team, and if you do not know anything about the Steelers, they are the worst team in their division but they do have a very good defense but that won’t affect diggs. Diggs will have his bounce-back game either this week or next. That is why he should be placed on the honorable mentions.

Klayten’s Trashy Players Of Week 5

Najee Harris: Disappointment is all I have to say. He has not been getting the role we all hoped for. Last year, we can all agree Najee was a very good fantasy running back, but this year is totally different. Now, Najee is set to play the Bills who are ranked 8th against Running backs in fantasy. All Najee owners right now including myself are panicking, but we all have to realize his situation right now. I mean he has a different starting Quarterback after Mitchell Trubisky was named the starter in week 1 but now Kenny Pickett is named the starter for week 5.

Rashad Penny: After a really good game in week 4, he’s going to disappoint in week 5. Before this game with the Lions, he has not had a good week not getting above 10 points in weeks 1-3. In week 5, he is set to play the Saints whose defense is always extremely good. There’s not much to say. We don’t really know what Rashad Penny’s role will be moving forward. This does not mean he isnt going to have good games moving forward, but week 5 is the week we see if Rashad Penny’s fantasy production will stay the same moving forward.

Kyle Pitts: Wow he has been terrible with his highest points being 13.7 and his lowest being 3.5. He’s straight terrible. His matchup this week does not help either since he’s set to play the Buccaneers. After Drake London has made himself present in the Falcon’s offense, we have seen a very dramatic drop in Kyle Pitts production. The Buccaneers did allow Travis Kelce to have 24.2 fantasy points, but every other tight end held them under 10 receptions, no touchdowns, and under 70 yards.

Gabe Davis: Davis is living in the Diggs shadow so far this year. Many people were thinking Davis was going to make some good appearances based on last year’s games, but he is just not living up to the hype. Davis had 1 good week, and that was in week 1. Since then, he has only put up a total of 9 points in the past 2 games. The Steelers have only had one 40+ pass on them this year because their defense is really good so they will be watching the deep ball. I don’t see him getting targeted this much especially because Gabe Davis’s best asset is his deep-threat ability.

Lions Defense: We all saw this coming. If you even have Lion’s defense, what are you doing? Every game so far with the Lions is a shootout and they rely on their offense a lot. They have allowed 141 points so far which is the most points allowed in the NFL right now. You have to give their offense credit scoring 140 points, which is the most in the NFL as well. If you have Lion’s defense, I recommend streaming for a better one. Streaming defense is where you find a defense on waivers who has a good matchup and pick that defense up. Defenses can change whether you win in fantasy or not so definitely worry about your defense.

TRASHY Honorable Mention

Jamal Williams: After a really good game vs the Seahawks, I don’t see him having that good of a game against the Patriots. The Seahawk’s defense, especially their run defense, is not as good as the Patriots. I see the Patriots giving him a rough time. Since D’Andre Swift has a shoulder injury, Jamal Williams gets his shot this year just like he did last. I definitely would not bench him, but don’t expect him to have the performance he put up against the Seahawks. He’s not going to be TRASHY but he will be an Honorable Mention