Judge, Jury, and Prankster

Tyrone's mock trial team opened their competitive season in Pittsburgh last weekend

2017-2018 Mock Trial Team

Tyrone’s Mock Trial Team visited the Cathedral of Learning on the University of Pittsburgh campus on January 6-7 to compete in the annual statewide Pitt Mock Trial Invitational, in which 45 teams from over 30 schools from across Pennsylvania gathered to argue the 2018 PA Mock Trial case, Silva Morel vs Tiger Tail Technologies.

Tyrone’s A team won two out of their four rounds, for both the plaintiff and the defense. The B Team also won two out of their four rounds, both of which were on the plaintiff side.

“I was very pleased with the performance of both teams this weekend.  We went up against some very tough competition and we were one of the few teams to leave with two individual awards,” said A team coach Todd Cammarata.

Senior Chloe Makdad and sophomore Hanna Denny respectively won the titles of “Best Attorney” and “Best Witness.”

“It’s really nice to be recognized at that level on a statewide scale, but I couldn’t do it without support and performance of my teammates, as well as the coaches,” said senior attorney Chloe Makdad.

Makdad and Denny
Chloe Makdad and Hanna Denny presenting their awards

This year’s case revolves around an  Silva Morel, an immigrant prankster who is seeking relief from his former company, who he has accused of firing him for improper reasons.  Morel is portrayed by Brandon Escala on the “A” team and Aaryanna Wright on the “B” team. 

“Our attorneys did exemplary. Openings and closing were very powerful. I am very proud. I [felt] we did stellar,”  said Best Witness Award winner Hanna Denny.

“I think all the witnesses did a stellar job and I couldn’t be prouder knowing that we did an amazing job,” stated A-team attorney Brent McNeel.

The students stayed at the Wyndham Hotel, one block from the Cathedral of Learning. It was there that the teams had both began to learn about one another through many conversations and meme-themed games.

Their free time was spent eating at Starbucks, Panera, Primanti Brothers, and the Jerome Bettis’ Grille 36 as well as exploring Pitt’s Oakland campus.

While Tyrone did not win the tournament this year, they are confident that they will be successful in this year’s competition.  

“We’re developing our case very well,” said B team witness Allison Miller.

Overall, Tyrone has come back better than ever from the Pitt Mock Trial Invitational. With great improvement and confidence, they have become a closer, more cohesive team and are looking forward to the start of the competitive season.