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Seán William McLoughlin, better known as Jacksepticeye.

What is something you look for when finding an admirable YouTuber?

For the stone-cold type of people, it could be the ability to make them laugh. For the people who are more depressed or going through a tough time, it could be the simple fact of the YouTuber being able to make them smile. For the goofy type of individual, the Youtuber could possibly possess the ability to be just the same, a goofball. Other people simply look for the YouTuber to be relatable in the sense of feelings or experiences. Audiences do not like the type that likes to manifest the fact that they are famous or rich. The list could go on with sundry examples.

As one of the greatest Youtubers, Sean Mcloughlin, better known as Jacksepticeye, exhibits the following praiseworthy traits: compassion, seriousness at the right times, and a comedic sense that fuels his jokes or other humorous things.

Through his videos, tours and public appearances, Sean Mcloughlin demonstrates his selflessness and compassion, caring for others in a way that not many people do today.

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Through his videos, tours and public appearances, Sean Mcloughlin demonstrates his selflessness and compassion, caring for others in a way that not many people do today.”

For instance, he made a comment in one of his gaming videos that he wants to help as many people as he can. He also commented in another that he understood that depression is a bad thing, and he wanted to help people who have depression to the most of his abilities, even making a mention of the Suicide Prevention Hotline.

He shows his ability to be a “people person” and strive to help others relieve stress when he makes new videos. He is selfless and works to lend aide to everyone.

On his most recent tour, Sean stated that he wanted only to simply ask that individuals turn off devices. His reasoning is simply because the tour was for him to spend time with his fans and get to know them a bit better. His caring side shows due to this because instead of people worrying about their phones or other devices, they can be more relaxed by getting to converse with everyone and help them relieve the stress they were possibly experiencing.

Unlike other YouTubers, he shows general concern in things today such as raising money for charity. Like Mark Fischbach, he was raising money for St. Jude Children Research Hospital. This is a very kind act and definitely worth praising due to how much Sean Mcloughlin cares about the things that matter. All of these things how compassionate and how big of a heart this young man possesses to make him so unique.

During stressful time periods or times where some sort of game may trigger it, Sean shows seriousness within these times. Like the times he mentioned the Suicide Prevention Hotline, Sean was not saying about it in a joking way. In fact, he was dead serious about everything like this. He even discusses hardships during times like these and shares impactful stories about events that had happened to him, even sometimes going into tears due to lamenting.

For example, he was playing a game based off of real events and shares what happened when his grandmother was on her last threads of life. He ended up going into tears but kept discussing the event, like how when he went to visit his grandmother with his sister, his grandmother could not remember how Sean looked. He shows a serious attitude towards the situation but handles it very calmly without losing control over his own emotions or mind for that matter. At other times where a game or video gets him in a serious mood, he works through the problem no matter how annoying or incensing it may be, and in the end, celebrates his victory. It takes a person of certain skill to stay serious at the right times, but Sean takes the time to keep calm and carry on with his missions.

Along with everything else, Sean Mcloughlin makes time to surely show his comedic sense and humor. Through certain scary games like “Sally Face” or “Fran Bow”, the lovable Sean Mcloughlin finds ways to pull humor out of scary or terrifying situations. He also makes jokes sometimes with his “CHILD GETS SCARRED FOR LIFE | Jacksepticeye’s Funniest Home Videos #4.”

Sean Mcloughlin, better known as Jacksepticeye, shows without a doubt that he deserves the award for YouTuber of the Year. He shows the specific traits that make him well-rounded and a lovable YouTuber. He is compassionate, showing his best side by helping others in need or to help others feel better. Sean  can also go into serious mode when necessary or needed to get a grasp of situations that needs to be taken seriously. This individual also  has a comedic sense when it is needed or he finds it appropriate to lighten a dark or depressing situation. Sean is a hero and a role model for many of his viewers and should be recognized as such.