Game Review: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

5 out of 5 stars

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege had a resurgence after Ubisoft started to ban cheating players and adding more content to the game. A 40% increase in daily activity has occurred since its launch. It’s no doubt that with the recent addition of Jackal and Mira, those numbers will continue to increase.

Rainbow Six Siege is a game that encourages teamwork and communication. Two teams of five (one attacking and one defending) are given different tasks to keep the other team from winning. Each team alternates every round between attack and defense.

Players choose from a variety of different operators. These operators have different weapons, gadgets and ethnicities, and cannot be played on both defense and offense. Each operator works for a Counter-Terrorism Unit (CTUs). The original game consisted of the British SAS, the FBI, France’s GIGN, Russian Spetsnaz, and Germany’s GSG 9, each consisting of two attack operators and two defense operators. There is also the option of recruit. Recruits can be chosen from any CTU and have two gadgets as well as a variety of weapons rather than a unique ability and one gadget.

The attacking team’s job is to use wheeled drones to find the defending team’s objective. The maps are set up with a huge building in the center, where the defending team will spawn. This is the defending team’s chance to reinforce and barricade walls, doors, and hatches above the room. A common defensive strategy is “roaming.” Usually faster operators roam around the map to pick off the attacking players.

Rainbow Six Siege puts a heavy emphasis on destruction. Operators such as Hibana and Thermite can use their special devices to break through reinforced hatches and walls, they leave wide open spaces for players to combat each other. If any wall or hatch is unaccounted for, an operator such as Ash, Sledge, or even operators that carry breach charges are easily able to barrage through.

A round of Rainbow Six Siege can occasionally come down to the wire. A last-second attempt is always encouraged when your team is outnumbered. The game becomes intense; extreme focus and good decision-making is imperative. Even the choices that are made at the beginning of each round can determine the outcome.

Rainbow Six Siege will continue to be supported and surely will keep a steady fan base throughout 2017. Six new operators from Hong Kong, Poland, and South Korea are Ubisoft’s future plans for Year 2.

Because of its unique style, strategic approach, and variety, Rainbow Six Siege is a great tactical shooter that keeps you aware, and advises players to work with teammates.