Fortnite: How to Destroy in the Battlefield

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Fortnite: How to Destroy in the Battlefield

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There are plenty of people who tell you how to get good at Fortnite, but most of them focus only on WINS. From a veteran Battle Royale player, I am here to tell you that wins mean nothing if you don’t have KILLS to go along with it (looking at the people who post Fortnite wins on Snapchat).

So, why should you listen to my advice? That’s simple, with an average of 17 kills per game on PlayStation and 12 on PC, not to mention a personal record of 22 kills in a win, I know what I’m talking about.

Here are my four can’t-miss tips for high-kill games in Fortnite: Battle Royale:

1. Build first, shoot second. Building as a whole is a core mechanic in this game. You NEED to know how to build, how to build quickly, and how to build effectively. Are you getting shot at? BUILD A WALL! Getting pinched? Build a fort with a ceiling, take a moment to recover, and heal if needed.

2. When in a fight, play as the aggressor. A lot of people panic when getting shot at. Take advantage of that. While they hide behind that rock or tree, push them. Beware though, as some players predict the situation, and capitalize on one wrong move.

3. Use the uphill advantage. Why is having a height advantage on your opponent so important? If you’re above a person, your opponent has limited vision of you, meanwhile, you have their entire body in your sight. This will increase your chances of winning the gunfight.

4. Last but not least, don’t spend a ton of time looting. If high-kill wins are what you’re looking for, grab a weapon, and start shooting. Your mentality should be “I can’t let other people get into fights.” YOU need to be the one taking the fights. Need ammo and supplies? Quickly sweep the opponent you just eliminated, picking up ammo, and higher tier weapons. This should only take about a second or two, then move on.

Of course, there are other factors into getting higher kill games, such as landing zones, and circle placement, but with these tips, no matter where you land should be able to improve your kill count as you achieve that highly-sought-after Victory Royale!

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