Soellner wins first annual P.E. Table Tennis Tournament


Nathan Hormell

Pooky Soellner celebrates his victory with referee Joe Steinbugl in the background

Table tennis has become a pretty serious sport here at TAHS, at least it is in Mr. Coleman’s second period phys. ed. class!

On Thursday, April 23rd, Mr. Coleman and Mr. Owens hosted the final round of their soon to be annual Table Tennis Tournament.

The first of the four matches was between Junior Eric Hartstock and Freshman Parker Mitchell. The matched finished with Hartstock taking an enormous upset victory over Mitchell, generating a massive crowd response.

Hartstock then continued on to defeat Junior Chase Macino in a comeback for the ages.

In the final round, Hartstock’s win streak came to an end against senior Nathaniel “Pooky” Soellner.

In the end, they all shook hands and Pooky was crowned champion.