Eagle Eye Students Produce “Tyrone” Music Video

Readers of the Eagle Eye will surely remember the local country singer Jaysen Gold, known to many in Tyrone as Robbi Dick, and his musical tribute to growing up in Tyrone. From its premiere on this website in January to the present, students have heard the song Tyrone during announcements, in classroom activities, and in the community.  In fact, its has become somewhat of a local hit due to its nostalgic references to several vistas around the area.

Now the students of the Eagle Eye’s video production crew have created a music video celebrating Gold’s song. The video highlights the nostalgic lyrics featured in the song, and references several historical locations featured in the town.

It is exactly what I pictured in my head when I wrote it”

— Jaysen Gold

Tyrone high school junior AJ Grassi and sophomore Jarron Bower were the two main creative minds behind the music video.  They traveled across town with art teacher Erik Feather to get footage of the locations featured in the song’s tributes.

“It was really fun to drive around town, shooting footage of all the locations,” said Bower.

“I think Jarron’s favorite part was going to Burger King and getting a kid’s meal,” said Feather.

Feather was responsible for transporting the students from location to location, and, of course, for buying the kid’s meals. “It was a fun experience, driving around and seeing all the places in the song we’ve all grown up with,” said Feather.

Gold has seen the video and appreciates the student’s ability to mesh images with his lyrics. “It was very nice work on the part of your team,” stated Gold. “You can tell how much attention to detail they have. Very impressive.”

The idea for the music video had been entertained since Gold’s song became popular in the Tyrone area, but it was ultimately Eagle Eye adviser Todd Cammarata’s idea that spawned the video.

“I though the song with all its references to local places was just screaming for a video,” said Cammarata, “I think it turned out great.  I hope that the community will enjoy it,” stated Cammarata. “I think the students really enjoyed making it too.”

“It is exactly what I pictured in my head when I wrote it,” said Gold.

The video debuted on Thursday, April 28 at the Tyrone Chamber of Commerce 100th anniversary celebration in Tyrone.

“I had several community members come up to me at the end of the evening to tell me that the video was the highlight of their evening,” said Tyrone teacher Cummins McNitt, who showed the video on behalf of the students.