Eagle Eye Promposal Contest: Straight Pugging It to Prom

Senior Tyler Eaken used his good friend Cheyenne Weaver’s love for pugs as a sweet promposal.

Taking two weeks to plan, Tyler gave Cheyenne a pug cake and cake pops spelling out “PROM?” during their lunch. Cheyenne had no idea that he was going to ask, and was surprised when he did.

Promposer: Tyler Eaken

Eagle Eye: Describe in detail how you asked them.

Tyler Eaken: “I asked my aunt to make me a pug cake last week. I made my famous cake pops and made two pug cake pops with fondant and then spelt out “PROM?” with fondant on the five other cake pops. I set these in front of the cake and then gave it to her at lunch. The whole thing took about two weeks to plan.”

EE: Why did you choose this person to ask?

TE: “Because we’re really good friends and I know we would have a fun time going together.”

EE: Where did you get the inspiration for the idea?

TE: “Cheyenne loves pugs and I thought to just have a pug cake so we’d have something to eat after I asked.”

EE: What relationship do you have with this person

TE: “We’re friends.”

Promposee: Cheyenne Weaver

Eagle Eye: Give your side of the story. Why do you think they asked you?

Cheyenne Weaver: “I think Tyler decided to ask me because we’ve been friends for a while and maybe thought we would have fun going together.”

EE: Describe in detail how you were asked and how you felt.

CW: “I was at lunch and saw Hannah Gampe pull out her phone and start video taping. When I looked behind me, I saw Tyler walking toward me with a big cake. I was so confused until I saw the cake uncovered.”

EE: Did you have any suspicions that you were going to be asked by them?

CW: “I had absolutely no idea. I was so surprised.”

EE: Why should you win the contest?

CW: “Tyler put a lot of thought and planning into this promposal. It was so creative.”