Eagle Eye Promposal Contest: A Simple & Sweet Promposal

Isaac Jackson

Isaac Jackson asked his high school sweetheart,Jayden Graham to prom this year in a simple, sentimental way. They both wouldn’t want to go to prom with anyone else than each other.

Isaac promposed to Jayden with nothing but the outdoors. Isaac carved on a tree, ¨IJ + JG, PROM?¨ It was simple and sweet, but meant a lot to Jayden. They both are looking forward to spending their junior prom together and with their friends.

Promposee: Isaac Jackson

EE: Why did you choose this person to ask?

IJ: ¨I knew I wanted to take Jayden to prom because she is my girlfriend.¨

EE: Where did you get the inspiration for the idea?

IJ: ¨I just thought for for a while how I wanted to ask her and I came up with this idea.¨

EE: What relationship do you have with this person?

IJ: ¨She is my girlfriend.¨

Promposee: Jayden Graham

EE: Give your side of the story. Why do you think they asked you?

JG: ¨We have been dating for almost 2 years and we were already going together but this made us going to prom together more official!¨

EE: Describe in detail how you were asked and how you felt.

JG: ¨I was super excited, and I wanted a promposal. It was so perfect and in such an adorable way.¨

EE: Did you have any suspicions that you were going to be asked by them?

JG: ¨A little bit, we´re dating so I knew that we would go together but I wasn’t positive if he was going to prompose.¨

EE: Why should you win the contest?

JG: ¨Why not? It wasn’t the most extravagant promposal but it meant a lot to me…he’s cute.¨