College of the Week: Juniata College

Staff Writer Bailey Christine offers information and insight on colleges for Juniors and Seniors searching for their future.

One of the residents halls at Juniata College.

Photo courtesy of Juniata College

One of the residents halls at Juniata College.

College of the Week: Juniata College

Bailey’s Take: Juniata College offers many majors for students. If there is a major that one is searching to pursue then nine times out of ten, Juniata College offers it. The availability of college organized activities is also top quality. The bottom line though is that Juniata is a top notch school with a history of producing successful graduates. Juniata gets an A+ grade in my book.

Location: Huntington, PA (est. 30 mins from Tyrone)

Student Enrollment: 1,626 students

Athletics available: Juniata is a Division III school and has a wide variety of sports from football to even field hockey.

Financial Aid: Financial aid is available. 100% of students who needed financial aid got it.  In fact the average financial aid package for freshman is $29,241.

Degrees: Juniata offers a wide variety of majors and areas of study for students. Some examples are biology, education, and even politics. This is just the beginning of what is available.

Activities: Juniata has a unique selection of activities available to students. The options range from outdoor club to an activities board which is like a student government that helps plan fun events for students.

Visit Juniata’s site for more information