Eagle Yearbook Unveils New Interactive Feature

The yearbook is a part of every high school student’s life, an important document that they can look back on and remember the time that they were in school.

This year, the book has added a new interactive online feature that makes the yearbook interactive with any smartphone and allows students to upload their own photos to remember the year, and see their friends’ and classmates’ photos, all with their phone.

Yearbook Plus is a new way to add more of YOUR memories into the book, in your own way.

The system is a new technology by Jostens (The company that makes the yearbooks) in which there will be scannable photos inside the yearbook that you can link your own photos to.

It is similar to a QR code, as you can easily scan the pictures with your phone to bring up the uploaded ones.

Students can point their phone at a photo in the book, and if that student has uploaded photos to Yearbook Plus, those photos will appear on their phone.

It is easy to upload images, allowing everyone to use it. The first step is to go to ybkplus.com and type in your school email in the text box.

Next, you will have to go to your email and look at the email that was sent to you. The email will have a four-digit code that you have to enter into the Yearbook Plus website to gain further access to it.

After that, you will enter the main menu where you can choose to upload to either your own personal portrait or to school life. Your personal portrait only has ten slots for images so choose wisely, they can also be deleted so nothing inappropriate.

The pictures that you put into the school life can be seen by everyone and may even be used by the yearbook staff.

And remember, there is a time limit on the pictures so make sure to turn them in.