Tyrone Takes Down the Dragons

Senior Mason Walls got both an individual and a team win on Senior Night at Tyrone as the Golden Eagle wrestling team beat the Central Dragons 39-31.

Walls was the last match of the night at 138. He also had the fastest pin of the night, pinning Central’s Will Park in only 15 seconds to put an exclamation point on his home wrestling career.

The match began at 145 with Tyrone’s Dominick Maloney facing Tyler Hess from Central. Hess took down Maloney twice in the first period but Maloney was able to escape both times making the score 4-2 Hess. Maloney chose down to start the second period and was able to get a reversal and tie the match up at 4. In the third period, Hess started on the bottom and was able to escape and hold Maloney off, making the final score 5-4 Hess.

At 152, Jermaine Myers took on Central’s Tanner Hall. Myers started off the match by taking Hall down. Hall got the one-point escape and then took down Myers and earned a two-point near-fall. At the beginning of the second period, Hall deferred and Myers chose to start neutral. Hall got a two-point takedown but Myers answered with a reversal, making the score 7-4 Hall going into the third period. Hall chose to start the third period down and got a reversal and then pinned Myers at the 4:56 mark.

Tyrone’s Jordan Snyder lost to Lane Kocher at 160. Kocher took down Snyder and both wrestlers received a penalty point, making the score 3-1 Kocher at the end of the period. Snyder deferred and Kocher started down at the beginning of the second period. Kocher escaped and earned another penalty point before taking Snyder down and earning a three-point near-fall. Snyder chose neutral to start the third period and Kocher took him down one last time, making the final score 12-1 and the team score 13-0 Central.

Alex Weaver earned Tyrone’s first points when he pinned Ben Detwiler in 32 seconds at 170. Sophomore Zack Lash then received a forfeit at 182 which made the team score 13-12 Central.

At 195, sophomore Luke Hite faced Central’s Ethan Eicher. Eicher had two two-point takedowns that Hite answered with two one-point escapes. Eicher took down Hite at the end of the first period and Hite was unable to escape. At the start of the second period, Eicher deferred and Hite chose to start on the top. Eicher received a penalty point and then got a reversal. Then Eicher pinned Hite in 2:40.

Sophomore Jason Barr pinned Central’s Sam Eger in 1:03 at 220, making the team score 19-18 Central.

Tyrone’s Parker Allen got pinned by Wyatt Holsinger at 285. Holsinger got a takedown and a three-point near-fall in the first period and then deferred at the start of the second period. Allen chose down and gave up a two-point near-fall before getting a reversal and a two-point near-fall himself. Holsinger answered with another reversal and then pinned Allen at the 3:43 mark.

Freshman Korry Walls won a close match at 106 against Central’s Jaxon Matthews. K. Walls scored the only points in the first period when he took Matthews down. Matthews was given two caution warnings in the first period. K. Walls deferred and Matthews chose down to start the second period. Once again, K. Walls scored the only points when he earned a two-point near-fall. With a 4-0 lead, K. Walls chose to start neutral at the beginning of the third period. K. Walls took down Matthews and Matthews was able to quickly escape, making the score 6-1. Matthews then got a two-point takedown but received his third caution which gave K. Walls another point. Matthews turned K. Walls for a two-point near-fall but it was not enough to win, making the final score 7-5 K. Walls.

At 113, Hunter Walk pinned Central’s Tyler Biesinger in 1:11, making the team score 27-25 Tyrone.

Tyrone’s Ashton Sipes faced Ian Crouch from Central at 120. Crouch scored the only points in the first period when he took down Sipes. At the beginning of the second period, Sipes deferred and Crouch chose down. Crouch got a reversal, but Sipes answered with another reversal. Crouch earned the one-point escape and then Sipes was able to take him down, making the score 5-4 Crouch going into the third period. Sipes chose to start down, but Crouch pinned him at the 4:53 mark.

There was no match at 126 and then Tyrone’s Gavin Frazell received a forfeit at 132, making the team score 33-31 Tyrone going into the last match.

The Tyrone wrestling team is now getting ready for the individual district tournament that will be held at the Altoona high school on January 14th and 15th.