Tyrone Gets The Comeback Win


Tyrone came out on top over Phillipsburg last week with a comeback win 2-1.

“We came together as a team and played very well together. We had more of a positive attitude out there rather than bringing each other down like we have done in the past.” Senior Mason Thomas.

In the first half, Tyrone struggled to get forward momentum going to get shots on goal and spent
much of the opening minutes on defense or in the middle.

After a fight for the ball in Tyrone’s corner of the field the ball was kicked out for a corner kick. As the ball was crossed into the center of the box, a PO attacker got a shot off on goal.

This was blocked by Aiden Taylor with his hand which resulted in him receiving a red card. This means that he can not play for the rest of the Philipsburg game and the next game and now Tyrone must play 10 on 11.

After the foul, Philipsburg was given a penalty kick and scored making the score 1-0.

Tyrone made some lineup changes adjusting to only having 10 men on the field.

Once they found their stride the defense stepped up and allowed no goals in for the remainder of the first half

Going into the half, Tyrone wasted no time getting downfield with Alex Taylor scoring the first goal for the Eagles.

After tying the game 1-1, Tyrone wanted to capitalize on their momentum.

They did this successfully as they managed to score once again to take the lead 2-1.

Tyrone allowed few shots and no goals for the rest of the game leading them to win 2-1 over PO.