Tyrone FFA Holds its 81st Annual Awards Banquet


Cheyenne Maher

The following seniors receiving their sashes.

The Tyrone Area High School cafeteria was filled with about 175 students, alumni, and faculty, staff, and community members for the 81st Tyrone Area Agricultural Education/FFA Awards Ceremony on April 10, 2019.

“Just one. One moment, one encounter, one opportunity is all it takes to radically change the course of our lives. One step forward growth as we work toward our vision of growing leaders, building communities, and strengthening agriculture. This past year has been a great year for our chapter, and tonight we would like to honor the members and supporters who have helped our members to develop their leadership skills, foster community service and grow as a person,”  said FFA President MaKenna LaRosa as she kicked-off the evening.

Tyrone superintendent Cathy Harlow and PA State Senator Judy Ward also joined the program and shared highlights of how she has watched the program grow and make an impact on the community. Mark Critz, Western Regional Director for the Department of Agriculture, also spoke about the industry and encouraged students to seek employment within the many areas of Agriculture.

The chapter is comprised of more than 15 student driven committees which include activities such as Ag Literacy Day, Animals Welfare Certifications, Goose Chase, Celebrating our Heritage, and Farm City Day Education Tent. Each fall Mrs. Hoy and the FFA Officers challenge every member to serve on a committee based on the National FFA Standards. The activities conducted by the student committees are created and executed by the students.

Community service is a big focus of FFA and it was announced that the Tyrone Area FFA membership documented approximately 1,000 community hours from July 1, 2018 to April 1, 2019.  This is an average of 10.4 hours per member.

The following FFA members received their FFA Jackets during a special presentation: Olivia Beck, Noah Updike, Jordan Snyder, Kiara Rhoads, Morgan Garman, Brody Rizzo, Gracey Walk, Thad Woomer, Jillian Williams, Trinity Lingafelt, Abraham Black, McKenna Chronister, and Libby Buck.

The following awards were presented to students:

Top salesperson in fundraisers: Citrus Sale – Karly Diebold, Jerky Sale – Brandon Sprankle, Sausage Sale – Lyndsey Fleck, and Hoagie Sale – Haylee Blowers.

AgriScience Bronze Awards for chapter level: Brody Rizzo, McKenna Yaudes, Jason Barr, Emily Causer, Aminah Mutazz, Brayden Durbin, Abe Black, Karly Diebold, Jillian Williams, Shyanne Webster, Garin Hoy, MaKenna LaRosa, Allison Miller, Lyndsey Fleck, Bree Weaver, Emma Bartel, Jacey Whitcomb, Olivia Beck, Shyann Kephart, Colby Daughenbaugh, Logan Johnston, Jayden Waite, Makayla Sprankle, Taylor Walters, Travis Hunter, Holly Long, Grace Peterson, Tommy Hicks, Libby Buck, McKenna Chronister, Carissa Hamp, Whisper Breon, Reilly Ronan, Kaylee Updike, Gracey Walk, Alyssa Luciano, Marlyana Borman, Devin Phillips, Travis Yazzie, Colin Jackson, Noah Frantz, Trinity Lingafelt, Dakota Posnett, Haylee Blowers, Guy Williams, Noah Updike, Kaila Moon, Kiara Rhoads

AgriScience State Level Awards: Food Products and Processing Systems – Garin Hoy 1st place – gold, Jillian Williams 4thplace – silver, Travis Hunter 6th place – silver, Abe Black 7th place – silver; Plant Systems – Kaylee Updike 4th place – silver, Lyndsey Fleck 5th place – silver, Gracey Walk 2nd place – gold; Animal Systems – Kaila Moon 6th place – silver, Grace Peterson 8th place – silver, MaKenna LaRosa & Jacey Whitcomb 1st place team – gold; Power, Structural & Technical Systems – Wade Hendrickson 2nd place – gold, Alyssa Luciano 3rd place – gold, Travis Yazzie 4th place – silver; Environmental and Natural Resources System – Karly Diebold 1st place – gold, Guy Williams 4th place – silver, Logan Johnston 7th place – silver; Social Systems – Haylee Blowers 1st place – gold, and Reilly Ronan 2nd place – gold.

Public Speaking medals: Conservation Prepared Public Speaking bronze pin – Allison Miller; Senior Prepared Public Speaking bronze pin – Kaylee Updike; Junior Prepared Public speaking bronze pin – Colin Jackson; and Extemporaneous Public Speaking Silver pin went to Garin Hoy.

The following students received their chairperson committee pins: Olivia Beck, Holly Long, Jordan Snyder, Shyann Kephart, McKenna Yaudes, Devin Phillips, Noah Frantz, Allison Miller, Alyssa Luciano, Haylee Blowers, Jillian Williams, Shyanne Webster, Haley Miller, Anthony Dalesio, Reilly Ronan, Colin Jackson, Carissa Hamp, Jaydn Waite, Jacey Whitcomb, Kaylee Updike, Brandon Sprankle, MaKenna LaRosa, Travis Yazzie, Garin Hoy, Karly Diebold, Logan Johnson, and Gracey Walk.

Garin Hoy documented 96 hours of community service since July 1, 2018, which included work with the Knights of Columbus, Tyrone Community Players, Huntingdon County Fair, and other groups in the area.

Career and Technology Department selects students of the month for each area in CTE.  These students are selected based on their involvement in the group, growth in knowledge, grades, or willingness to try new skills. The following students received their Student of the Month Pins: September – Brandon Sprankle, October – Kaila Moon, November – Colin Jackson, December – Abraham Black, January – Reilly Ronan, February – Noah Frantz, March – Grace Peterson, April – Thad Woomer, and May – McKenna Yaudes.

The Greenhand Degree is the first official step an FFA member makes as they progress through the ranks in the FFA. In order to receive this degree, a member must be enrolled in an agricultural course, have plans for a Supervised Agricultural Experience Program, understand the FFA creed, motto, salute, and know the history of the FFA organization. 2019 Greenhand Degree recipients: Dakota Posnett, Makayla Sprankle, Jillian Williams, Grace Peterson, Libby Buck, Olivia Beck, Brody Rizzo, Tommy Hicks, Trinity Lingafelt, Kiara Rhoads, Thad Woomer, Shyann Kephart, Emma Bartel, Taylor Walters, Kaila Moon, Travis Hunter, Noah Updike, Gracey Walk, Carissa Hamp, and Holly Long

The second degree of advancement in the FFA is the Chapter FFA Degree. To qualify for this degree a member must have received the Greenhand degree, must have completed 1 year of instruction in an agricultural course, must have attended 3 official chapter functions, and have earned and invested $150 in their SAE program. 2019 Chapter FFA Degree Recipients are Karly Diebold, McKenna Chronister, Kassy Kustenbauder, Guy Williams, Whisper Breon, Abe Black, Lyndsey Fleck, Brandon Sprankle, Devin Phillips, McKenna Yaudes, Allison Miller, Garin Hoy, Haylee Blowers, Colin Jackson, Alyssa Luciano, Noah Frantz, Marlyna Borman, Wade Hendrickson, McKayliee Robinson, Shyanne Webster, and Travis Yazzie.

The Star Greenhand Degrees goes to a first year member who tends to get out of his/her comfort zone and takes on the many opportunities which the FFA Organization offers.  Grace Peterson received the Star Greenhand Pin as a member who jumped into the program by serving as a committee chair, conducted a quality AgriScience project and documented the results in his/her AET record book, attended community events and chapter fundraisers, and has embraced the many opportunities the FFA Organization has to offer.

The Chapter FFA Degree is divided into 4 star areas: Entrepreneur, Placement, AgriScience, and Ag Business. Three members excelled in their involvement in the FFA, community, and maintained accurate records on their projects within their AET record books.

Chapter Star Farmer – Karly Diebold

Chapter Star AgriScience – Garin Hoy

Chapter Star Placement – Kaylee Updike

Senior sashes were presented to Allison Miller, Jacey Whitcomb, MaKenna LaRosa, Travis Yazzie, Devin Phillips and Reilly Ronan, indicating that they completed their journey as NOCIT testers meaning they have completed 50% or more the ag programs.

Seniors Bree Weaver, Guy Williams, Haylee Blowers, McKayliee Robinson, and Trevor Zimmer received blue sashes to represent those who may have come later in their Agricultural Education Program years, but have made a positive impact on the program.

The evening ended as the 2018-19 Chapter Officer received their officer pins: Guy Williams – Sentinel, Kaylee Updike – Reporter, Karly Diebold – Treasurer, Haylee Blowers – Secretary, Garin Hoy – Vice President, and MaKenna LaRosa – President

Just as MaKenna LaRosa welcomed the group, she ended by reminding everyone, “As a chapter we will continue to encourage our students to pursue their passions and develop their leadership skills to make a positive difference as an individual and as a team. You are the voices of tomorrow!  Remember: Just one. One moment, one encounter, one opportunity is all it takes to radically change the course of our lives. One step forward growth as we work toward our vision of growing leaders, building communities, and strengthening agriculture.”