Tyrone Boys Soccer Experience Roller Coaster 2017 Season

Tyrone Boys Soccer ends 2017 season with an overall record of 6-8-2

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The 2017 campaign was an important building block in the development of the Tyrone Boys Soccer program. This season saw several records broken, including overall goals scored in a season (Corey Johnston with 22) and the best start to the season the program has ever seen.

However, as good as it started, the season was also plagued with its share of difficulties.  Following its season-opening win streak, the program suffered its longest losing streak in recent history, capping out at nine games.

“While the season didn’t end like it began I’m still really proud of what these guys were able to accomplish. Their clear love for the game shown through brightly in their wins and even in their loses. The seniors really stepped up during the end of the season, those last couple of practices were the most focused out of any practices I have coached in my career. If this season is foreshadowing things to come then big things are definitely on their way,” said Head Coach Nick Miller.

An overall improvement of two wins and two ties over the 2016 season, while minuscule, serves as a great foundation for the 2018 season.

A strong senior class set an example of sportsmanship for underclassmen. Captains Asher Christine, Ryan Vance, and Blake Johnston did a fantastic job of mentoring younger players. Asher Christine served as a player-coach and had an influential voice in the formation of the team. Seniors Ryan Vance and Blake Johnston acted as vocal captains and gave a voice to the team while on the field. While wins became scant near the twilight of the season the seniors still kept practices focused on the task at hand and took the season on one game at a time.

Returning veterans look to improve on an impressive year and look to grow into a leadership role. Junior Andrew Pearson put on a passing clinic over the season and ended the year with the most assists on the field. If the dynamic duo of Pearson and Johnston can improve next year the mountain league is in for trouble.

The superb development of several young players also adds another important building block for the future. Sophomore Corey Johnston is the most notable of underclassmen. Corey looks to build on a historic season and be featured as the main goal scorer for years to come. Freshman Alex Taylor proved to be a versatile player showing poise to play both the offensive and defensive winger positions.

I’m extremely excited for next season and I can’t wait to make an impact anyway I can. I believe we can really take a slice out of the Mountain League”

— Sophomore Corey Johnston

Team Awards:

Most Valuable Player: Blake Johnston

Gilded Foot Award: Corey Johnston

Most Improved Player: Ryan Vance

Rookie of the Year: Ethan Vipond & Alex Taylor

Leadership Award: Asher Christine

Hustle Award: Jesse Daughenbaugh

Dedication Award: Tyler Eaken

Sportsmanship Award: Andrew Sherren

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