The Tyrone…Bald Eagles?


Anna Beck

NOT a Golden Eagle

If you’ve been to a Tyrone sporting event recently, you might have noticed a giant, white-headed chicken roaming around. Well, it’s not quite a chicken.  But it isn’t a golden eagle either.

This season, a new mascot has been revealed. Unfortunately, it looks like it belongs to Bald Eagle High School, not Tyrone Area High School.

This new mascot has a white head and white legs, unlike the previous one that was all orange and black.

I don’t think this is right because it doesn’t represent our school. Our motto is to ‘Stay Golden’, not ‘Stay Bald’”

— Dawg Pound President Asher Christine

The new mascot was purchased in July and cost nearly $1200 by the cheerleading boosters but seems like a $1200 dollar mistake to us.

If they were going to buy a new mascot and spend all that money, why wouldn’t they make sure it was the proper mascot for our school? Even though you could argue that the school was in need of a new eagle, they could’ve done more research to make sure to purchase the proper eagle species.

This new mascot is a disgrace to our school and all current and former students. Some would argue that the old, raggity, stinky mascot would be better than having a brand new bald eagle. Even though it was overdue for our school to invest in a new mascot, the old one was better than this new one.

But instead of getting rid of this new mascot, it could altered to make it look like a golden eagle. Surely they could dye the head to make it brown like a golden eagle, and maybe do the same to the yellow legs.

The mascot does not represent our school and should be changed. It was a poor decision to purchase this mascot and it should be altered in some way. We are the Tyrone Golden Eagles, not the bald eagles.

We are told to “Stay Golden” but until our mascot is changed, we may as well say “Stay Bald.”