The End of Exploration: Please Replace Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer, a once useful web browser of the early 2000s, made by one of the biggest tech corporations in the world, is now mostly useless. 

Explorer is really slow. Even the Chromebooks are faster. If you on a desktop, you are able to test this.

Internet Explorer is really slow. Even the Chromebooks are faster.”

Just open Chrome and Explorer and search something on both them. You can even give Explorer a head-start. Chrome will still be faster.

And according to Wikipedia, only 2.8% of people used Internet Explorer in November of 2018.

Now you may say ‘if that few people use Internet Explorer, why have you written this article?’

Very simple reason. At Tyrone Area High School, it’s the only alternative to Chrome.

If Chrome stops working on the desktops, you have to use Internet Explorer.

There is no other alternative on the desktops, and the Chromebooks are annoying.

It’s not like the school could add another faster, better alternative. Yeah, it’s not like Firefox is a thing.