TAHS students run the “Happiest 5K on the Planet”

Tyrone Area High School students participate in the annual Penn State Color Run.

Sophomores Taylor Dixon, Azia Barnett, and Hailey Durbin.

Many Tyrone Area High School students participated in The Color Run in State College on Sunday, September 14.

Over 12,000 people ran the annual untimed, charitable 5K “paint race” in Happy Valley.

According to their website, the Color Run “celebrates healthiness, happiness, and individuality.” At each kilometer mark, runners get blasted with colorful, powdered corn starch.

When they say it’s the “Happiest 5K on the Planet”, it’s not just because of the bright colors.

— Sophomore Azia Barnett

Many TAHS students traveled to State College on Sunday to participate in this unique race.

“I did the Color Run because I think it’s a nice way to be active while bonding with friends and family,” said sophomore Azia Barnett, “not to mention it’s so exciting with all of the colors!”

Barnett explained that the run was unique because it’s not only the bright colors that make it the “Happiest 5K on the Planet”, it’s because all the runners are truly happy the entire time.

A warm-up Zumba session was held before the race, and a post party/concert was held after, which included music, bubbles, and of course, more color.

Junior Gina Gavazzi also participated in the race.

“The Color Run is different because it doesn’t even seem like exercise when you’re having that much fun!” said Gavazzi.

This event is held not only Penn State, but throughout the country and even internationally.

“The most memorable part of the color run was definitely the first color station, because I didn’t really expect the amount of color powder they sprayed you with; it was very surprising,” said TAHS Freshman Molly Harris.

Harris is excited to participate again when the Color Run comes back to Penn State next year.

 “It was such a great experience and I would love to make it one of my yearly traditions,’ said Harris.