TAHS Outdoor Adventure Club Heads Down the Rapids

Tyrone Outdoor Adventure Club ventured to Ohiopyle for a white water rafting experience.

Andrew Wilson, Lizzie Ake, Miss Wynn, Alex Stehley, Elina Lure, Meghan McMullen

The Tyrone High School Outdoor Adventure Club traveled to Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania for a white water adventure on Saturday, May 20. The crew of 18 people went down the rapids and came out of the water with a great experience and memories that will last a lifetime.

Senior Adventure Club member AJ Grassi really enjoyed the trip, as did his fellow club members.

The experience was exhilarating, adrenaline inducing, and absolutely a blast”

— Mr. Garrett Tanner

“I’m glad that  had  the experience to go white water rafting and thankful to Mr. Tanner for putting together this trip,” said Grassi.

The trip was organized by Mr. Garrett Tanner, the adviser for the Outdoor Adventure Club.  The trip cost $75 per student and was booked through Laurel Highlands River Tours and Outdoor Center.  Some students did fundraising throughout the spring to cover the entire cost.

The trip down the 7.5 mile stretch of the Lower Youghiogheny River included class three and four rapids.

The tour launched right below the Ohiopyle Falls, a 15  foot waterfall looks much larger in person, and took off down Cucumber Rapids. Halfway through, the guides took the group to a 15-foot ancient boulder that crashed their centuries ago, and the students all took turns catapulting themselves into the water below.

The students also slipped down the natural water slides right near Ohiopyle. “It was a blast,” said Tanner, who has floated down the Yough five times before, but this was the first trip for the Outdoor Club.

“The experience was exhilarating, adrenaline inducing, and absolutely a blast. The natural water slides were anything but pleasant, but worth the grueling experience. We were all given thorough directions and guidelines before embarking down the river,” said Tanner.

I’m glad that had the experience to go white water rafting and thankful to Mr. Tanner for putting together this trip”

— Senior AJ Grassi

“A few of the students fell in the Yough and joined the Youghiogheny Swimming Team. My group of adventurers “sent it” down the rapids going backwards, sideways, and barrel-rolls down the rapids. We certainly heard the best of “dad” jokes as we shuttled back to the station,” said Tanner. “If you ask anyone, they are quick to say “When’s the next trip?” They all want more white water. I think I’ve transformed them.”

Students participating in the in the trip were Lizatia Ake, Meghan McMullen, Elina Lure, Alex Stehley, Richard Chronister, AJ Grassi, Kenny McKernan, Makenzie Stauffer, Stephen Hanzir, Brett Robinson, Justin Bickel, Gage Light, Drew Wilson, Carter Maceno, Devon Brown.  Teachers/chaperones were Garrett Tanner, Charlie Wynn, and Tim Smith.

The Outdoor Adventure Club is looking for new members. Any students interested in going on trips like this and experiencing something new, contact Mr. Tanner for details on upcoming events.