TAHS English Teacher Moves to Elementary School

Mr. David Rutter is moving from high school English teacher to elementary Dean of Students


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Mr. David Rutter takes his love of all things Star Wars to the elementary school this week.

A long time member of the Tyrone faculty is changing jobs this week. Tyrone High School English teacher David Rutter is leaving the classroom to become the Dean of Students at the Tyrone Area Elementary School.

Rutter has taught English at Tyrone High School for 15 years, but Friday was his last day at that position and today was Rutter’s first full workday at the elementary school.

I will miss my colleagues, especially in the English department. Also, I will miss the students. I have been privileged to teach many groups over the years”

— David Rutter

“I will miss my colleagues, especially in the English department. Also, I will miss the students. I have been privileged to teach many groups over the years,” said Rutter.

Rutter attended Penn State University, graduating with a BA in communications. He worked for WPSU-TV for ten years before making a career change to get a master’s degree in English and education. He began teaching at Tyrone in 2005.

Known for his love of coffee, 1980s movies, music, and pop culture, students and staff at the high school will miss Mr. Rutter.

“Lots of students, including myself, have really enjoyed Mr. Rutter’s class. He had really great, creative prompts that helped my writing gain flow and style. We are all very grateful for his years at the high school,” said junior Eva Toth.

According to Tyrone English Department Chairman Steve Everhart, Rutter leaves the high school with a distinguished legacy.

“The balance of energy and casualness that Dave Rutter conveyed as a teacher was unparalleled, as was his encyclopedic command of pop culture and his natural showmanship. Dave’s direct, organized, and thoughtful communication style was central to his success. I’ll miss Dave’s candor, humor, and common sense, as will his students,” said 11th Grade English teacher Stephen Everhart. “Students often confused us in the hallways over the years, and I think I’ll miss that a lot, it was always the greatest compliment to be mistaken for Mr. Rutter.”

Moving into this new position, Rutter is excited to work with the elementary school staff and students.

“I am looking forward to working and learning from Mrs. Musselman, Mrs. Kurtz, and the entire elementary school staff, all of whom have been very welcoming, encouraging, and helpful during this transition period,” said Rutter. “The kids at the elementary school are awesome. I have had the opportunity to meet many of them over the past few weeks, and they always bring a smile to my face.”

Elementary School Principal, Kristin Musselman, is pleased to welcome Rutter as the Dean of Students.

“We are looking forward to the arrival of Mr. Rutter at the Elementary School. Mr. Rutter’s teaching experience and knowledge of children will make him a great fit for our building,” said Musselman.

Rutter replaces former Dean of Students Michael McKee, who is now an emotional support teacher in the high school.