Star-Lite Twirlers Take Second at ACCs in Wildwood NJ


The Tyrone Star-Lite Twirlers senior team took second place at the Atlantic Coast Championships last week from May 1st to May 5th.

The Star-Lite’s Championship show was strong and had only one drop. It also featured new props that had been made specially for the championship show.

“Wow! What a performance they gave, it was near perfection,” said coach Marcia Fink, “Every girl gave 110%, I’ve never been so proud of a performance and a team effort.”

I thought all the girls had an amazing performance. Their timing was spot on and they really shined on the floor. I could not be more proud of them”

— Jessica George

Wolf’s took first with a 95.28, while Exquisite took third with an 86.35 and Russel’s All-Stars took fourth earning an 85.35.

The team went into the championship weekend in second place with a score of 89.31 after competing at Chapters in Tyrone.

After arriving Wednesday night, they practiced for an hour in the hotel parking lot. They would not perform until later Thursday night. The senior team first performed at the preliminary round of the competition at 8:46pm. The top four highest scoring shows would move onto finals which took place on Saturday.

The twirlers had then practiced Friday morning alongside the junior team who performed later Friday evening. It was the girl’s first time ever performing in the convention center, so the senior team helped them calm their nerves. The junior team performed at 3:56 pm, and ended up tying for fifth place in their division with Sensations Jr. who earned a 78.12. The independent junior finals lasted all of Friday.

The Star-Lite Twirlers brought their score up to a 91.95 and remained in second place going into the finals. Wolf’s Performing Arts had taken first with a 93.30, while Russell’s All Stars Jr. followed Tyrone with an 85.52 and Exquisite took fourth with an 84.17

“We learned team work and hard work pays off! Maybe we didn’t get the win but we got so much more!” said Marcia Fink.

While they didn’t place first overall, the team was very pleased with the scores and had a good time at championships.

“I thought all the girls had an amazing performance,”said instructor Jessica George, “Their timing was spot on and they really shined on the floor. I could not be more proud of them.”